RPG and BG Reviews


Here's all the reviews I've done so far: RPGs (games, adventures, sourcebooks) and board games.

My review policy: I only review things that I actually like. I don't waste my time (and yours) reviewing things I didn't truly enjoy. I'm sometimes sent complimentary copies of stuff for review. If I actually write a review about a game I've been sent, it's because I appreciate it and want to spread the word.

Board Games

HeroQuest: Review of the 2021 edition of the classic fantasy board game.

Dungeons & Dragons - Legend of Drizzt board game: Reviewed as an "expansion pack"for HeroQuest.

Sword & Sorcery "Minions" Expansion: Reviewed as an "expansion pack" for HeroQuest.

Jurassic Snack: Review of the 8+ board game.

My First Carcassonne: Review of the kid-friendly version of the classic board game.


Kosmosaurs: The lighthearted RPG by Diogo Nogueira.

On Mighty Thews: Narrative-focused Sword & Sorcery RPG.

Neurocity: The  tech-noir roleplaying game by Gavriel Quiroga.

Savage Worlds adventures & sourcebooks

Robotech - A Macross Saga RPG: The licensed setting for Savage Worlds.

Fighters & Warlords: Fantasy combat sourcebook for Savage Worlds.

Wizards & Mystics: A fantasy add-on for Savage Worlds.

Inn Between Worlds: Weird module for Savage Worlds.

The Secret Files of Section D: 1930s pulp setting for Savage Worlds.

OSR adventures & sourcebooks

In the Shadow of Tower Silveraxe: Low level regional module for Old-School Essentials.

Infinigrad The Weird City Toolkit: OSR sourcebook for city adventures, in (html format).

A Groats-Worth of Grotesques: OSR bestiary with an interesting spin.

Ominous Crypt of the Blood Moss: Level 1-3 OSR adventure for Old-School Essentials.

The Black Wyrm of Brandonsford: Level 1-3 OSR adventure.

Puzzle Dungeon: The Seers Sanctum: Low level OSR adventure.

Artifacts, Deceptions and Dilemmas: OSR sourcebook about GMing and designing dungeons.

Prison of the Hated Pretender: Free OSR adventure by Gus L.

Old School & Cool Vol. 3: Zine for Old-School Essentials, by Knight Owl Publishing.

The Frost Spire: OSR adventure by Jacob Hurst.

Temple of 1000 Swords: Low level adventure for Old-School Essentials.

Wyvern Songs: OSR adventure for Old-School Essentials.

The Frozen Temple of Glacier Peak: OSR adventure for Knave.

Ruins of the Undercity: OSR solo/gmless adventure generator for Labyrinth Lord.

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