HeroQuest is a game I love. The Hasbro 2021 reprint has brought back all the happiness such a simple game can bring. 
In this page:
  • My AxianQuest decks to expand your HeroQuest game.
  • All the Heroquest posts on this blog;
  • The links to the best online resources I've found so far;
  • The Proxies, Miniatures, Tiles and Boards section;


AxianQuest is the name of the line of accessory decks I've designed for HeroQuest. Here's the list of those currently available, printed and ready, at DriveThruRPG:

The AxianQuest Heroic Skills deck, with 30 different skills cards any hero can learn: a simple way to introduce character progression and customization without bloating the game mechanics. Pay for training, learn a new skill, up to three. 

A full gallery of the deck can be seen here.

The AxianQuest Wondrous Artifacts deck, with 20 new legendary artifact cards.

The AxianQuest Furniture deck, which allows heroes to search each individual piece of scenery for unique outcomes and loot.

The AxianQuest Weapon Artifacts deck, with 20 new weapon artifact cards. 

The AxianQuest Dungeon Events deck, with 46 special events and encounters to make every dungeon adventure unique! 

The AxianQuest Armor Artifacts deck, with 20 new armor artifact cards. 

The AxianQuest Infinite Dungeon deck, a complete system to play always new quests and campaigns, with no Zargon player and no app needed, and supporting 1 to 5 heroes.

I've posted a Full Game Report of a solo game using the Infinite Dungeon deck and the Furniture deck.

Youtuber AmalgamAsh has reviewed the first four decks on his channel:

Amalgamash also checks the full Armor Artifacts deck and the Dungeon Events deck:

Daniel at The Dungeon Dive youtube channel shows and reviews the Infinite Dungeon deck and the others in this video which, believe it or not, is titled: "HeroQuest + AxianQuest Infinite Dungeons = the way it should be played (HeroQuest Solo)"


 Here's the updated list of all the HeroQuest posts:

About the New HeroQuest, or The Sublime Horror: my review of the new HeroQuest Game System.

Expanding HeroQuest: a quick review/summary of the official expansions.

Expanding HeroQuest: My Homebrew!: my personal choice of non-official components that work best to expand HeroQuest.

Expanding HeroQuest: My Homebrew Rules!: my personal house rules. Designed to actually make the game more fun, without turning it into a different game. Includes a table of dungeon events!

Legend of Drizzt monsters for HeroQuest: A review of the monster miniatures included in the Dungeons & Dragons Legend of Drizzt board game, with HeroQuest statistics for every single monster type.

Expanding HeroQuest: The Sword & Sorcery "Minions" Expansion Pack: A mini-review, plus game statistics and ideas for this excellent little box of minis.

Expanding HeroQuest: Searching the Furniture: A simple set of tables with different results for each furniture piece.

Expanding HeroQuest: Why Did It Have to Be Snakemen!?: How to add snakemen to HeroQuest. Some miniatures options, and game statistics.

HeroQuest: The "Pac-Man Quest" Set-Up: A special quest set-up you may want to try for a different game.

HeroQuest: The Arena Quest Set-Up: A special quest set-up you may want to try for a different game.

HeroQuest: My Homebrew Heroes: Halfling, Knave, Scout, Cleric, alternate Druid, and Warrior as playable heroes.

Expanding HeroQuest: The Hammer of the Beast: A magic item inspired by a new mini I got, plus some ideas and considerations to add transformation effects into your HQ games.

Probabilities of damage rolls, heroes defense rolls and monsters defense rolls. Because knowledge is power!

Painting HeroQuest: A FAST Guide, because you know you want to.

HeroQuest with the AxianQuest decks: Full Report! Check it out. 


These are my favorite online resources for HeroQuest:

r/Heroquest and r/HQHomebrew: the best Reddit communities for HeroQuest!

Complete random quest generator by Giovanni Borga. Output is in Italian, but google translate is your friend. Give it a shot!

HQ QuestBuilder by redditor Squidgem0nster: a complete quests and questbooks editor, with UI in English, French, Spanish, Italian, and German!

HeroQuest Cards Editor by actionfence (Paul Hamilton), downloadable or browser-based.

Jonathan Long's HeroQuestElf fan site: 25 years of HQ passion!


Minis3d: My friend Pablo's online shop, and by far the awesomest 3d-printed proxies, alternate figures, and extra models to spice up your HeroQuest game. Their Heroes and Monsters sections are stellar, and the resistant, softish resin they use sets them apart from the rest of the 3d-printing crowd.

Beethreedee: Another excellent source of alternate 3d-printed minis and models. Check out their Quester's Caravan line for new heroes complete with cards!

Loke Battlemats: My favorite producer of tiles and battlemat books. Their twin set of Dungeon Books of Battlemats is a must have for home brew quests!

Ian Schofield's Beautiful Dungeon Mats: Check these out because they are STUNNINGLY beautiful, and specifically designed for HeroQuest.


  1. Good afternoon Axian Spice, i have a question.
    Is it possible have THE AXIANQUEST cards in Italian language?

    1. Yep, we are working on the Italian version, and hope to have it out in a month.
      And the Spanish version is in the works too!

    2. Hello Axian Spice,

      I am so curious about the cards but I couldnt buy it until now because I need it in german language for my nephews. Then there will also be soon a german version? I read on another page (reddit maybe?) that this is not planned.

  2. Hi! Any chance you could provide pdf versions of the decks? Print and play is much more viable for a lot of us outside the US.

    1. Hello! I'm sorry to say we have no plans for a PDF release. BUT we are going to release a "catch up" bundle with all the decks, at a substantial discount, so as to at least partially compensate for the expensive shipping outside the US. It should be available by the end of September/early October, as soon as the seventh deck comes out!

    2. Shipping to Asia would still be outrageous and very likely to get lost in my case. I would appreciate an alternative option, even with degraded graphics.

    3. I'm really sorry. I live in Italy, and while it surely is not as bad as I'm sure it is with Asia, shipping my own decks (and print-proofs...) to me still is expansive and takes more than a month.

      Unfortunately, my partner and I have ruled out PDFs and PnP for a variety of reasons. I know this decision is a disappointment to you and other HQ fans, I am sorry, but we are not changing that.

      I hope you can figure some way to work around this, via friends or group purchases. I've heard people are doing that in Australia.

  3. Do you plan on releasing a second deck of furniture cards different than the ones we currently have? I love the cards you have created. It would be great to have even more options when setting up homebrew quests.

    1. No plans for a second Furniture deck for now, unless we get new furniture pieces in future expansions, but I have three or four new decks I'm working on!
      They won't be around before Spring 2024 though!

  4. I would like to buy the catch-up bundle, unfortunately I live in Italy, the bundle with shipping would cost me €102 no taxes included (i have to add 22% more) ... impossible

  5. Hi, where can I buy the full bundle of cards with ITALIAN translation? Ty

    1. It'll be available on DriveThruRPG, like the English version!


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