Saturday, November 12, 2022

Legend of Drizzt monsters for HeroQuest

 I've just grabbed a copy of the Legend of Drizzt Dungeons & Dragons board game!
I was looking for it to expand my HeroQuest game, and I must say I'm far from disappointed with the content of the box!

I mean, I don't care about the dungeon tiles, which I find both visually dull, and practically annoying. But, oh boy, those minis!

I love that the minis are kinda color coded like in HeroQuest, with (almost) all the dark elves (drows, in d&d terms) being purple, along with their spider friends, plus a dragon because why not. Together, they make a great set and faction for homebrew adventures.

The goblins are just a little bit smaller than the ones from HW, but they include 3 archers, and they are a slightly lighter green than their relatives in the HQ box. The green team also includes 3 drakes and two huge, impressive trolls (the one on the left has its base so deformed I'll have to treat it with hot water to make it stand again).

The box also includes a bunch of heroes which can be great as alternate models, plus Drizzt's panther. As you can see, there's a archer and a few dual wielders, begging for some house rule to allow it.

Next in line there's these 6 transparent models. I don't like the water elementals, neither as models nor as creatures, so I didn't create game statistics for them. The ghosts are cool though.

Then there's the grey group. An Illithid, yay!, a witch and a grey bubbling thing (Lolth's something-something, I don't really care what these things are meant to be in d&d), plus 2 guys I've decided to use as "assassins". All in all, since they are grey, I consider them 100% part of the "Dread" team in core HeroQuest.

The true stars of the box are, of course, the big ones: the super big fiery Balor, the purple dragon, and the huge troll twins. 

The Balor is huge, so I statted it as a truly daunting enemy.

So here's the stats for HeroQuest, feel free to download and use as you prefer, as long as you keep the attribution to me.

All in all, I'm super happy with this purchase. If you are into creating your homebrew quests, the Legends of Drizzt board game is a highly recommended addition for HeroQuest.

As usual, all feedback is appreciated!


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