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Monday, September 7, 2020

KS Watch! The Majestic Fantasy RPG

 The Majestic Fantasy RPG crowdfunding project is in this final hours!

TMFRPG is an old school ruleset, largely compatible with the early editions of Dungeons and Dragons.

What's cool about it? I won't tell you about the many little differences and adjustments this particular system offers because you can read about it on Robert Conley's blog.

I will tell you my completely personal take on it. Rob has been into the hobby for 40 years, and has been running an OSR blog for ages. He's authored a lot of gaming supplements, with a true indie spirit.

A blog I love, one of the blogs that got me back into RPGs after a long hiatus, and that made me fall in love with the OSR. The ethic of the die and random table, the real sandbox play, these are values I've learned from his blog.

His ruleset currently on Kickstarter is the system he's been using for years, and I think it is the kind of experience any OSR enthusiast should be delighted to delve into, and a lesson into the "there is no holy text of rules, the game is there for you to enjoy it and make it your own".

It is also a crowdfunding with a true indie spirit, with no flashy art, but true gaming value. Check it before it ends!

Saturday, September 5, 2020

KS Watch! For Coin and Blood Second Edition

 For Coin and Blood Second Edition is currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter.

The project has already been funded, and the campaign goal achieved, with almost 600 backers and still four days before the campaign ends.

Immagine del progetto per For Coin & Blood: Second Edition

So what is it? For Coin and Blood is a grim old school fantasy game designed by Alan Bahr (with several contributions by other authors) where tropes are turned upside down as players take on the roles of the bad guys. The really BAD guys. Cutthroats, cult leaders, assassins, necromancers, and so on. You get to play the villains, in short!

Seriously, these are the classes available: Assassin, Blackguard, Cutpurse, Diabolist, Executioner, Knight, Machiavellian, Magus, Priest, Sellsword, and Witch Hunter.

The game features a solid old school ruleset, with a few modern mechanics. Most rules are the type you may expect in any BX/OE retro-clone: no skill list, just six core attributes, for example. But there's also room for an Advantage/Disadvantage mechanic, and things like class-based melee damage. And since the game is about villains, characters have an Infamy score, and there are rules for gangs and organizations.

This is a second edition as the game has been expanded and streamlined, with extra options and better editing, and more art, and the crowdfunding campaign's only goal is to make an offset print run, so this you won't find the usual, endless lists of backer options, stretch goals, and add-ons. 

I've had the opportunity of reading the pdf before release (because yes, the game is ready and the funds are only needed for the print run) and I must admit I find the rules intriguing and, strangely enough, fresh.

The book is a complete game so it also includes spells, monsters, and magic items. These I found particularly delightful, with wonders such as the Belt of Oppression, the Blade of Hero's Bane and the Rod of Rebellion.

The final section is The Port of Perchoir du Corbeau, a 15 pages city setting written by the well known freelance writer Darren W. Pearce!

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

About Gold & Glory - Seven Deadly Dungeons

 Gold & Glory - Seven Deadly Dungeons was my first project I designed completely by myself, crashing together my love for Savage Worlds and OSR games.

From the blurb:

Welcome to a world of legendary heroes and daring feats or, more probably, to a dishonorable story of ill-fated treasure hunters who’ll soon bite off more than they can chew… unless they manage to return home with enough gold to carouse wildly until their next expedition!

Gold & Glory is  a toolbox, to enjoy the Fast, Furious and Fun rules of Savage Worlds in a game of classic dungeon exploration, in the spirit of the Old School Renaissance, with no other book needed besides Savage Worlds Adventure Edition.

It is ideal to play one night games as well as longer campaigns and allows you to play with no preparation at all.
Gold & Glory: Seven Deadly Dungeons includes:
  • A random character generation system to start playing in no time
  • New equipment for dungeon delvers
  • Magic and Miracles Arcane Backgrounds to create classic arcane characters in the FFF spirit of Savage Worlds
  • Downtime activities such as Carousing and Magic Research, tied to the Experience system, to keep your heroes busy between one expedition and the next
  • The Dungeon Deck system to generate your dungeons while you play
  • Seven deadly self-generating dungeons for your heroes to explore!
  • More than 30 new monsters to face and a heap of magic items to loot!

All Gold & Glory interior art and covers are by ink master Francesco Saverio Ferrara (check his works on Facebook!), and we also used some maps by acclaimed map artist Dyson Logos to complement the layout.

Gold & Glory has received a widely favorable reception, with several dozens of five-star reviews, both for the SWDeluxe and SWADE version.

Even now that two years have passed since release, I must admit I'm really happy and satisfied with how the random character creation system works. That, and the Dungeon Deck that generates thematic dungeons while you play, are two of my most accomplished designs, in my view.

Design aside, I'm also happy with the variety of the seven dungeon adventures I squeezed into the book, a mix of vanilla fantasy, dark fairy tale, and horrific visions. They range from the rather classic swamp temples of the Serpent Shrines and the abandoned dwarven city of the Dwarf Prince Demise, to the Moldy Caves, infested with undead bandits and moldy abominations, to the non-euclidean Witch House with its grim fairy tale vibes, to the verdant, puzzling nightmare that is the Green Maze, to the steampunkish, ooze-infested Iron Vat, to the Hellraiser tribute that is the Halls of Pain.
And thanks to the Dungeon Deck system, each of those will play different every time, with a unique map and always new combinations of events, hazards and rewards.

The Gold & Glory book is also expanded with the following:
Solo, GMLess and One-on-One Adventures: A supplement with rules, options and suggestions to play with no GM. The obvious complement to a system that is already prepless on its own! It also features an Abstract Clues system and options for hired Allies, which can be used in any type of fantasy games!

The Old School Gaming Guide: A guide aimed at explaining the core concepts of “Classic Dungeon Games” and how they interact with the Savage Worlds rules through the Gold & Glory book!

The Dungeon Template: simple empty form organized with all the infos and tables of the G&G dungeon format, which you can fill with your own unique creations.

The Character Sheet Pack: A character sheet specifically designed to make character creation ultra fast, with checkboxes for all the main results of the G&G random creation system.

And then there's a whole lot of dungeon adventures written by guest authors such as Diogo Nogueira, Richard Woolcock, Andrea Mollica, and Courtney Campbell... but the "deadly dungeon hosts" will be the subject of another post!


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