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 Here's a list of my games!


printed and ready for your HeroQuest games!

Falkrest Abbey

 A level 1–3 dungeon adventure for Old-School Essentials. More about Falkrest Abbey.

Axian Library

A collection of five OSE e-zines, revised and expanded. More about Axian Library.



A series of Pay What You Want e-zines, officially licensed for Old-School Essentials and compatible with most OSR games. They come as screen PDF and print-it-yourself file.

Lands of Legends

The ultimate toolkit and game aid for your OSR sandbox campaigns, in a series of five 'zines. Read more about Lands of Legends.

Guardians of Sol-Tau

Guardians of Sol-Tau

A sci-fi adventure for Savage Worlds Adventure Edition, including pre-made characters and tokens! Read more about Guardians of Sol-Tau.

Aces High

Aces High!  (SWADE option)

A rule supplement to play actually cinematic, fast-paced, action-packed, dogfights with Savage Worlds Adventure Edition!

Gold & Glory - Seven Deadly Dungeons

Gold&Glory: Seven Deadly Dungeons (Savage Worlds Adventure Edition)

A toolkit to play easy-going, Old School dungeon adventures with Savage Worlds Adventure Edition. Includes random character creation, dungeon oriented setting rules, Vancian style magic, the dungeon deck system to generate dungeons while you play with no prep at all, and of course Seven Deadly Dungeons! Read more about Gold & Glory.



A Savage Setting of modern tropical adventure, where troubleshooters work on the thin line between law and crime.

Ultima Forsan

Ultima Forsan - Setting Book

The Macabre Renaissance: XVI century Europe after 150 years of Plague of the Dead. A horror, clockpunk alternate history Savage Setting based on Mauro Longo's novels and books. Read more about Ultima Forsan.

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