Monday, November 7, 2022

Expanding HeroQuest: My Homebrew Rules!

As I mentioned in my previous HeroQuest post, I've come up with a bunch of new rules to tweak the game to my liking, so here they are.

I don't want to make the game deeper or more realistic, nor turn it into a complex game of strategic combat. I like it the way it is: a simple board game I can play with my 7yo, his friends, and my non gamer friends.

They can be seen here.

These rules are designed to work together.

The Dungeon Events are meant to spice up the game a bit, and encourage players to keep exploring without wasting time setting up the best position for each group member before they open a door.

The One Search Action rule is meant to speed up exploration, as it reduces the chance for dungeon events when players want to search, which is a wise decision and should not penalize them.

Mind Points is a rule I needed because I've added "mind devouring" monsters from the Dungeons & Dragons adventure game, who inflict mind points. The statistics for these monsters will be in a future post!

Push & Pull is a rule I felt I needed to avoid the well-known door combats and train battles. When I play Zargon I don't pull punches, so my monsters always pull inside the room a hero who is blocking the door, if they can! Players can do that too, so on the whole combat becomes a little more dynamic.

Heroes Never Die is a rule that I recommend when playing with kids. Failing the quest is enough of a setback already, no need to further punish brave adventurers. This rule also implies that heroes should retire at some point, when a campaign/story is over.

Dual Wield is something I haven't tested, but want to try just because I've grabbed a few elves and dwarves with two weapons so I thought why not.


For my next HeroQuest post, I'll probably share my big bad list of monster stats from all the games I've mashed into HQ!


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  1. The best thing about Hero's Quest is making your own rules.

  2. The best thing about heroquest is your push-pull rule as I think it will make things more dramatic.


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