Axian Library

Axian Library is a collection of five zines with lots of content in a nice A5 hardcover book, officially licensed for Old-School Essentials and compatible with B/X Dungeons & Dragons and similar editions and clones.

The five zines collected in Axian Library are three OSE-licensed e-zines 
already available in Pay What You Want:

Plus the fourth & fifth zine in the series, exclusive for the Axian Library book:
  • Pious Prayers and Powerful Prodigies
  • Deadly Dragons Dire and Daunting

The five collected zines give you:

- An alternate arcane magic system, complete with optional rules for spellbooks, magical research, scrolls and ritual casting, and an integrated system of magical mishaps, with a sweet d100 table of possible effects, for when magic users decide to break the rules of magic (Wondrous Weavings Warped and Weird)

- Rules and tables for when a player misses a session: what has their character been up to? Where have they been? (Mysteriously Missing and Merrily Met)

- Rules and tables to introduce new characters with a quick reason to explain why they want to join the party or the party is eager to welcome them (Notable Novices and Notorious Newcomers, part 1)

- Rules and tables creating the previous adventuring career and loot of characters that begin the game as level 2 or higher (Notable Novices and Notorious Newcomers, part 2)

- An alternate divine magic system, complete with optional rules for magical research, scrolls and rituals, and an integrated system of divine disappointment and wrath, including curses and quests divine casters might have to face to please their deities (Pious Prayers and Powerful Prodigies)

- A full set of tables and tools to create unique dragons with special physical & psychological features, secret weaknesses, allies, enemies, desires and motivations, quest hooks, and even a backstory for their treasure!

Why checking Axian Library?

You have three reasons to do that:

One, to have the zines in print in a nice A5 hardcover anthology,

Two, to get Pious Prayers & Powerful Prodigies and Deadly Dragons Dire & Daunting, which won't be available elsewhere,

Three, to get the five of them expanded with lots of extra content, more tables, more tools, more art, via the stretch goals!

Axian Library reviewed at Thalian Musings

Video review and page-through at the Gaming Gang: 


  1. Replies
    1. Yes it is. But don't worry, it will be available on DriveThruRPG!

    2. Have you already set a date, when you will make it available on DriveThruRPG! ?, thanks in advance.

    3. We don't have a date set (no big company here!), but we're almost there. I'm currently waiting for the -hopefully- final layout. So hope is it will be out in 3d6 days!

    4. And it's now available!

    5. Thank you for posting the link, will get it on Sunday! Yooohooo

  2. *rolling 3d6 = 18* Perfect! Thanks for the reply and no worries if it takes longer - it is summer and I hope you can take some vacation. Cheers

  3. Honestly, this book is really great. The quick jump button on the right side of the book page works great!


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