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Expanding HeroQuest: Why Did It Have to Be Snakemen!?

 Because Snakemen are the epitome of Sword & Sorcery! Without them, your fantasy is just some poor-man's Tolkien!

These are the models I chose!

So I've been scouring the internet to find some good-looking, not-too-expensive models for my HeroQuest game. I had been tempted by this Epic Encounters: Chambers of The Serpent Folk box. It is fairly cheap for the amount of minis included, and they are definitely high quality sculpts. I had even written stats for the minis. And the box also includes a large grid map.

This is the definitive box for a big snakemen campaign, but too many for me!

BUT THEN I found these lovely sculpts on Etsy. It is a matter of personal taste, of course. These guys are closer to my idea of HeroQuest, where I like to mix the '90s style with the contemporary style. They sure would rock next to the original edition minis (which I only "have" here, in my heart...).

I chose these over the Epic Encounters box mostly because I figured I don't need that many minis. If the base HeroQuest can make do with six goblins, two zombies, etc, I definitely don't need 20 snakemen. So I started looking for alternatives in a similar budget.

This is where I decided 10 snakemen with 3 different sculpts (4 warriors, 4 bowmen and 2 sword-and-board "leaders") were enough, and then I started exploring the rest of the Etsy creator's catalogue, since I had to pay for shipping anyway.

And that's when the game became: spend the same budget as the Epic Encounters box, and get the most out of it.

I decided I didn't want more monsters. I firmly believe a big part of the charm of HeroQuest is the immersive experience it gives, empowered by the simplicity of the rules and the glorious amount of (almost useless, from a gameplay point of view, unless you use my Searching the Furniture rules) furniture pieces.

So I went and chose the campfire pot, so now my orcs and goblins can cook snacks while squatting the dungeon!; these savage totems for my chaos dread temple dungeons (nothing says "don't enter this door" like a pair of grim totems next to it!); and these tomb and gravestones that along the core game's tomb (and the alternate sculpt from Mage of the Mirror) will allow me to more decently fill a crypt-themed dungeon. Oh and also a bunch of barrels, just because they were cheap, and they definitely can go along with the original table and cupboard.

"Looks like meat's back on the menu, boys!"
(God I'm bad at taking pics)

This was my first time placing an order on Etsy, and I gotta say it was all good. The box arrived in due time, everything was carefully wrapped and arrived in perfect conditions, and the sculpts are exactly as shown in the vendor's pictures, including the brown plastic used for the barrels, totems and campfire pot. Yes, this was a big plus for me, I'm not going to paint anything!

Plus, the unexpected nice part was I also received several freebies: the creator gifted me with 3 chests and 3 crates from the barrel set, and two extra snakemen!

After I got my order, I contacted Pieter, the creator (there's a direct message button on Etsy) and I found he is the nicest guy. I really should have asked him if he could have printed the snakemen in birght green plastic instead of grey!, here's the HeroQuest stats for these serpent persons, ready to chop and pierce the heroes!

Snakeman Warrior: Move 5, 3 AD, 3 DD, 2 BP, 3 MP, Hypnotic Gaze

Snakeman Archer: Move 5, 3 AD, 3 DD, 2 BP, 3 MP, Ranged Attack, Hypnotic Gaze

Snakeman Chief: Move 5, 4 AD, 5 DD, 4 BP, 4 MP, Leader

Hypnotic Gaze: Adjacent heroes roll 1 less AD and 1 less DD when fighting this monster (minimum 1 combat die).

Leader: All other snakemen in the room gain +1 AD.

(The chief has to do without the hypnotic gaze because he's got a human head)

And since I got a campfire pot, I may as well create a table for searching it, since I've done tables for searching basic game furniture:

Campfire Pot

A bubbling "soup" with a bizarre smell. You can decide to have a taste! If you do, roll 1d6 to determine what happens:

1 As you stir the pot, a wandering monster is attracted by the smell and attacks you immediately. The hero's turn is over.

2 The hero hallucinates and loses 1 Mind Point.

3 The hero loses 1 Body Point to belly pain.

4 You've tasted better, but this is quite good.

5 A hearty soup! The hero recovers 1 lost Body Point and 1 lost Mind Point.

6 How did this end in the pot...? Roll again:

    1 A pebble that almost broke one of your teeth.

    2 A useless button.

    3 A dagger!?

    4 A ring worth 10 coins. 

    5 You chew a rubbery shroom that tastes like blueberry, and recover all lost Body Points.

    6 A pearl earring worth 50 coins.


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