Thursday, December 8, 2022

Expanding HeroQuest: Searching the Furniture

Since our very first HeroQuest games, my 7yo son always moved his hero next to any furniture piece in the room before declaring he was searching for treasure. Because it makes a lot of sense, after all!

So I had to explain that the rules say you mustn't move, and that you can search a room even if there is no furniture. But oh, boy, is this really cool?

So here's my rules for actually searching those interesting furniture pieces, each with different results. Wanna taste the potions on the alchemist's bench? See who's hiding inside the cupboard? Do you dare disturb the tomb? Are you sure you want to be scrutinized by the evil man in the portrait above the fireplace? What grim findings await you in the torture rack?

Here's the answers. After all, I love writing random tables


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