Wednesday, December 28, 2022

HeroQuest: The Arena Quest Set-Up

  Here's another of the improvised HeroQuest games I played with my 7yo son was particularly interesting so I thought why not share it on the blog? You can see it in the picture.


The board: I used the arena from the Immersive Battle Maps book.

The set-up: The hero started at centre of the board. I placed one of each type of the green and white monsters at sides of the arena. I should have placed the grey ones too from the beginning, at another side, but I didn't, so I added them at a second time.

The objective: Defeat as many monsters as possible before succumbing. When a hero reaches zero Body Points, the challenge is over and they are taken out of the arena and healed of all wounds. For each defeated monster, the hero receives a reward of 10 gold coins.

I didn't think of a special prize in case all monsters were defeated, but now I think it could be a great addition.

Special Rules: At every Zargon's turn, 1 monster enters the arena. Zargon decides which one enters.

Setting your own Arena quest

Ideally, this set-up works best with a large areas. If you only have the standard HeroQuest components, I suggest putting all the open doors on the board, carefully placing them (and the wall blocker markers) to create a maze-y environment. You probably want to exclude the 1-square corridors, because those will create boring fights. Then, I would put the heroes in the central room, with four open doors, and the monsters grouped in the furthest rooms.
 This might actually be more fun than a single, large, open area.

Scaling with Players

I went with 1 monster per monster type, and had 1 monster enter the arena at every Zargon's turn. With more players, I guess it should work with 1 monster per player entering the arena at every turn.

What Story?

The arena set-up can fit well as an alternative to the trite "you've been captured and wake up inside a cell" scenario. This time, you've been captured and the diabolical Big Bad Guy wants you to entertain him.


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  1. Some ideas increase the misters have like 5 goblins 4 orcs 3 abominations and 4 skellys 3 zombie 2 mummy’s 3 dread Warriors and 1 gargoyle if you have the mithic tear add an option to swap pout heroes as stand in fighters so if the dwarf goes down you add in one of the new hero’s if thay all die heroes lose if evety monster dies the heroes win and each gane an artafact and move on to next rounds adding in more harder to fight monsters and evern stuff from outher exspanshions like proler war bars yettis and such ending with the frozen horer or dragon or witch lord even


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