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Dragons for My Current Game: Xagoranth of the South

 A few weeks ago I posted my adaptation notes (part 1 and part 2) to run Tomb of the Serpent Kings with Old-School Essentials.

The first post included a simple hex map I made so as to have a minimal "backdrop world" with the starting town of Fortana.

Of course one thing leads to another so I quickly added the modules I hoped to run after the Tomb: Brandonsford, renamed as Brandonia, and a village for Ominous Crypt of the Blood Moss.

And after that I added two dragons on the map... because why not? The implied setting in BX dungeons & dragons and Old-School Essentials is clearly has lots of them. And people in Fortana probably know about the two closest dragons.

So now? Time to roll their details with the tables in Deadly Dragons Dire & Daunting, the set of tables included in the Axian Library book to create unique dragons with their environment and context.

The first dragon I detailed in this post.

I've also added The Seers Sanctum, putting it on a not-so-pleasant islet in the middle of a lake.

Here's what I got for the dragon in the swamps south of Fortana:


Black Dragon, Old, Male

Armour Class     2 [17]

Hit Dice                 8** (36hp)

Attacks [2 × claw (1d4 + 1), 1 × bite (2d10), sharp horns (2d10)] or breath

THAC0                 13 [+6]

Movement             90’ (30’) / 240’ (80’) flying

Saving Throws D8 W9 P10 B10 S12 (8)

Morale                 8

Alignment Chaotic

XP                    1,750

Breath weapon: 60’ long line of acid.

Secret weakness: Music scares, irritates or disgusts the dragon, who must make a Morale check if confronted with it.

Language and spells: Intelligent (INT 10). Speaks Draconic, Common, and 1 more language. Spells: 3 × 1st level.


  • Level 1: Floating Disc, Charm Person, Read Languages

Sleeping: 20%. 

Motivations and Desires: Survival, greed, pride, paranoia (Halved chance of sleeping; -1 to THAC0 due to tiredness; both included above). Current desire: Wants another dragon dead. Of course, why not Korgathix?


  • total value 120,000gp
  • 60,000gp
  • 30,000pp
  • Sword +1
  • Sword +1, +2 vs spell users
  • Plate mail + 1
  • Shield + 2
  • Potion of Healing
  • Potion of Delusion (seems a Potion of Giant Strength)
  • Spell scroll (esp, web, wall of ice, floating disc, feeblemind)
  • Spell scroll (speak with animals, continual light (continual darkness), cure disease (cause disease), sticks to snakes, purify food and water)
Origin of the treasure: It is the accumulation of tributes of enslaved or defeated humanoid tribes. Obviously the dragon stole better part of Frindil's family treasure (see below).

Allies, Enemies, Adventure

Allies:  1 Cyclops, Oggamar
Ok this guy probably lives with the dragon.
Their treasure:
  • 4,000ep
  • 5,000gp

Allies:  30 Brigands, with their leader Fargan (level 2 fighter with plate mail, sword, lance).
Their camp is in the same hex as the dragon's lair. Fair weather friends.
Their treasure:
  • 6,000cp
  • 1,000sp
  • 10,000gp

Enemies: 21 Dwarves, with their leader Frindil
They live in a mine in the hills north of the swamp. They moved to their current home about two years ago, and were attacked by the dragon who took a lot of their heirloom and slay half of their group. Of course they hate him and would gladly join an expedition to kill him (or at least recover their enchanted swords and armor).
I'll also consider these to be the cousins of the three dwarves in the Brandonsford scenario, because connections are good.
Their treasure:
  • 40,000gp
  • gem (50gp)
  • 7 × gems (100gp)
  • gem (500gp)
Frindil, level 3 dwarf leader:
Armour Class 2 [17] (plate mail + shield)
Hit Points 14
Attacks 1 × hand axe (1d6)
THAC0 19 [0]
Movement Rate 60' (20')
Saves D8 W9 P10 B13 S12
Alignment Lawful
STR 9 INT 7 WIS 10
DEX 9 CON 9 CHA 10

Adventure Hooks:
  • The dragon’s enemies are willing to pay 4,000gp to have it baited out of its lair for one hour. I swear I rolled this one. It's perfect with Frindil's dwarves!
  • Xagoranth wants Korgathix dead.
    • He may trade information about his lair, allies and enemies in order to save his life.
    • Xagorath may send his brigand allies to hire dragon-slayers.
  • A local noble is looking for “trusted helpers” to join his dragon slaying expedition, but actually wants them to defeat the dragon for him, while he waits outside the lair and subsequently takes all the glory and fame for himself.

Lair: A ruined temple in the swamp.

I'll set this as serpent-themed, to continue the theme of the Tomb of the Serpent Kings. Ah, I might as well add a map to the temple among the treasures of the tomb, with a secret passage by-passing the magic ward (see below). 

  • The temple is on an islet in the middle of a mire about 4' deep.
  • Entrance is magically warded and requires the magic word "Saranta", only known to the dragon and the silly cyclops Oggamar.

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