Monday, January 10, 2022

d20 Curses for OSR Games, and Some Zine News!

What with the holidays and my baby girl being sick, I've missed a couple of my usual Saturday tables, so here I am to make amends.

In the meantime, though, a lot has happened! ZineQuest4 has been officially postponed to August, but the creators' community has organized an alternative for this February: ZineMonth, or ZiMo!

And that's not all! I've set up the pre-launch page for Axian Library, my contribution to the ZineMonth! If you've enjoyed my random tables and OSE-licensed electronic/print-at-home zines, the project is definitely for you: more information in Axian Library post.

And that's not all, again! My friend & designer Danilo Moretti has launched his very first Kickstarter with a cool OSR offering: a series of Pamphlet Islands, which just got funded!

I think that's enough for today, whew!

So here's the table: d20 curses for OSE and other OSR games. These are also a preview of my upcoming Pious Prayers & Powerful Prodigies.

  1. Hands tremble (-4 to attack rolls).
  2. Crippled, movement halved.
  3. STR halved (minimum 3).
  4. INT halved (minimum 3).
  5. DEX halved (minimum 3).
  6. CON halved (minimum 3).
  7. Painful sores: 20% of the character’s total hp don’t heal in any way.
  8. Bad luck, -2 to saving throws.
  9. A permanent Blight spell on the character.
  10. The character cannot lie and must always tell the truth.
  11. Vision is obfuscated past 40’.
  12. Daylight imposes -4 to all attack rolls.
  13. Nightmares disturb the character’s sleep: healing from rest only works after a successful WIS check.
  14. The character can no longer read (includes scrolls).
  15. The character’s spoken words become an unintelligible gibberish.
  16. Magic items don't work for the character. Cursed items are not affected.
  17. All retainers, followers, hirelings, specialists, etc, turn their back on the character.
  18. All shields and armor fall off from the character, who can no longer use them.
  19. The character’s words are only understood by creatures of the same alignment.
  20. Roll and combine two results, or devise something based on the character’s story and current situation.
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