Monday, February 1, 2021

Lands of Legends hits Kickstarter!


 Axian Spice is on Kickstarter. Here's the story!

Lands of Legends is a collection of five zines, each of which is a unique tool to craft and enrich your fantasy sandbox and adventures with unique areas, locales, encounters, and events.

It can be used with most fantasy RPGs, and occasionally refers to the basic concepts of the world's most popular role-playing game (things like Armor Class, Hit Dice, and so on), so it is readily usable with the vast majority of OSR rulesets.

Each Zine contains 10 Area tables and 10 Encounter tables, for 10 different terrain types: Civilizations, Deserts, Forests, Jungles, Mountains & Hills, Plains & Valleys, Rivers & Lakes, Seas & Islands, Swamps & Marshes, and Wastelands.

To sum up, each zine holds 100 unique areas and 100 unique encounters.

The whole set of five zines gives you FIVE HUNDRED OF EACH.

Each zine has a double use: the Special Areas tables are designed to be used as a resource when shaping and designing your campaign world, while the Encounters & Hazards tables are the tool you'll want to keep at hand while running your game.

For this reason, the print version is double-sided! Seen the video above? 

 The Lands of Legends - Mundane zine features places and situations which are perfect for low fantasy/low magic settings and campaigns: natural environmental features and commonplace events which will spark life and add depth to your adventures and campaigns.

Then there are four more zines that push and empower the magic and wonder of your fantasy world to a higher degree. Each has its own unique flavor:

 Lands of Legends - Grim: dark magic, terrible secrets, and horrific threats

 Lands of Legends - Fairy: enchanted lands of gentle wonder

 Lands of Legends - Holy: lands and events displaying the powers of the gods

 Lands of Legends - Primeval: where the brute force of Nature is at work at its utmost power

You can combine Grim and Fairy to create a sandbox campaign mixing the bleak horror and gentle wonder of both flavors into one unique setting, blending surreal and grotesque; you can set an epic campaign where Nature and the Gods are turbulent, ever-present forces just by mixing Holy and Primeval!

And on and on, you can mix two, three, or more of the flavors, or use each as the predominant note for a specific region of your campaign world: use Primeval for a "lost continent"; try Fairy for a realm of gentle fantasy, and so on. The possibilities are endless!

 Lands of Legends is our love letter to the OSR, and a set of tools Mauro Longo and I have been using for years in our games, both as GMs and as content creators. We decided to release it as a zine because we wanted to stay true to its Old School spirit, and to try and get as many people to know about it.

Find Lands of Legends on Kickstarter!!



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