Saturday, August 29, 2020

Guardians of Sol-Tau

Sol-Tau is a solar system in a faraway galaxy, inhabited by technologically-advanced races who, for several centuries, lived in peace.

That is until the Iods came.

30 years ago the Iods conquered and subdued Sol-Tau and, after having established a military dictatorship and exploited all possible resources, they are ready to rip off all the remaining energy within the solar system with a mysterious mega-machine called “the Hrax” - a device that will be thrown at the system’s twin suns, snuffing it out, to fuel their gargantuan Arcaship and allow them to set sail towards another solar system to conquer and exploit.

The time for the final solution is, unfortunately, at hand. But a secret society, guided by an obscure prophecy, is at work to save Sol-Tau. All they need is a crew of unwitting heroes to do the most important part of the job!

Guardians of Sol-Tau is a sci-fi adventure for 3-6 Seasoned characters. It's a light-hearted space romp adventure, where unwitting heroes become involved in a desperate mission to save their solar system from destruction and possibly put an end the Iods’ tyranny forever.

The story unfolds through eight scenes with several different rules subsystems in action:
  • Networking
  • Social Conflict
  • Chase
  • Dramatic Task
  • Quick Encounter
  • Interlude
  • and of course Combat!
...making it the perfect adventure for new players and GMs to explore or learn all the possibilities of the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition rules!

In order to stay true to its spirit of fast-paced action, Guardians of Sol-Tau makes use, optionally, of the Aces High supplement for the space dogfight scenes, and that is why Guardians of Sol-Tau and Aces High are also available together as a bundle.

GoST was written by Andrea Mollica, who built an awesome story around a generic adventure framework I designed, and I must say the final result was very satisfactory to me!

All the art is by Zaira Diana, while layout is by the egregious Matteo Ceresa.

The adventure has received some humbling praise by acclaimed designer Umberto Pignatelli, author of Beasts and Barbarians and lots of other games:

"This is a BRILLIANT scenario: the type of never-ending action I expect from a Savage Worlds adventure, with over the top situations and a glorious finale (if everything goes well!). The art and layout are fresh, and really help set the tone, which clearly is inspired to Guardians of the Galaxy, but maybe also Saturday morning cartoons, imho. This might become my go to adventure for introducing Savage Worlds to new or younger players, too!" [five out of five stars]

Guardians of Sol-Tau is available on Drivethru!

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